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Our Vision

It is the smallest detail that results in perfection. Therefore, it is our vision to provide Developers, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors with a viewpoint for better design, development, and execution of their projects through meticulously executed and precisely planned BIM and PMC Services respectively.

Our Mission

Every penny saved is a penny earned. Our mission was, is, and will remain to assist our clients with services that help them reduce costs and maximise profits through Conflict Detection and Risk Mitigation before the construction takes place, Optimisation of Engineering and easy maintenance of the Building Life Cycle.

Transforming the world of Construction, Architecture and
Design Through Technology, Thought, and Talent.
Transforming the world of Construction, Architecture and Design Through Technology, Thought, and Talent.

Incorporated in 2020, NICE stands strong and independent on a foundation built with profound knowledge and unmatched experience. An ISO 9001:2015 company, we are highly process-driven and quality-focused. Our passion for what we do and our dedication to client satisfaction, have given us a coveted 100% success rate on all our projects. Our completed and ongoing projects both, are a reflection of our skills, capabilities, and adaptation to the needs of this ever-evolving industry. Every inch of the work we do echoes our values of wanting to bring about a positive difference in the way our clients operate their projects, making them more productive and profitable.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, our reputation spans countries and continents. Working with renowned EPC companies worldwide has given us the intricate know-how of managing offshore projects as well as highly complex onshore undertakings.

2+ Years of Excellence

Our work speaks volumes about our experience, expertise and a future to look forward to. 

5 Completed Projects

With 4 more projects underway, we are striving to achieve perfection at every stage of business. 

100% Project Sucess Rate

All our projects are highly acclaimed and have gained the satisfaction and praise of our clients.