Project Management Consultancy


Visions, goals, and plans - managed to perfection.

The Construction and Real Estate industry is segmented into Residential, Industrial, Corporate, and Commercial, and each of these requires unique project planning skills and thorough project management knowledge. A Project Management Consultancy plays a multifaceted role in a variety of projects, providing services and support from the inception to completion of a project.


It is essential, at every stage of the project life cycle, to proactively plan and manage day-to-day activities, keeping the end goal in mind at all times. Use of Project Management Consultancy ensures being adherent to deadlines, a streamlined workflow, effective management, and an overall improved project outcome.

Project Management Consultants use the application of specific skills, knowledge, and expertise at every stage of the project to overcome challenges like design flaws, constructability concerns, material issues, improper coordination, engineering errors, and safety risks.

A well-organised PMC approach also includes adopting various tools for higher management like reporting, progress review, brainstorming, and extensive training on design–construction interface, regular quality audits, quality diligence and delivery sessions within the team.

Project Initiation

It’s the first phase in Project Management lifecycle and involves starting up a new project, defining the scale of project, its timelines etc.

Project Budgeting

In this step, construction budget is estimated, which is required to drive the construction project from initiation to finalization, encompassing various costs and expenses during the building process.

Project Monitoring

This step involves tracking a project’s progress and related tasks, to make sure the process is in step with the timelines and budget estimated.

Project Reporting

This is where clear milestones of the project right from the time of project launch till floor-wise completion and sale expected, is encapsulated.